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The Kidlet & The Arrow


 Arrow of light


And he has earned his Arrow of Light!

With a few more months of Webelos to go, he will continue to earn more activity pins and patches and belt loops.

And then, he shall be going into Eleven Year Old Scouts, that first rung on the ladder to becoming an actual Boy Scout.

And we will no longer have a Cub Scout living in our house.

{Ever, ever again!}

And we will no longer attend the monthly Pack Meeting.

{Ever, ever again!}

Instead we will begin working on actual merit badges.  And attending the quarterly Court of Honor.

It's strange, and exciting, and just a bit melancholy.

{Okay - for some of us, Me for instance, it's more than a bit melancholy.}

Because it's hard seeing your children moving on to new things, leaving so many childhood things behind.

Hard and Happy-Sad of course; it is after all what you want them to do.

Still, I often find myself looking at this kidlet's photos from his "Wolf Years" and wondering how it all went by so quickly.

IOSW kidlets