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Final February Gratitudes

Finding Your Niche


Niche less

I, my friends, am nicheless.

{Or niche less – as my bossy spell-check seems to prefer.}

Allow me to explain. Just in case you haven’t been reading all the blog related stuff I’ve been reading

{lucky you!}

In order to blog one must have A Niche.

{These things always begin with caps.}

Said Niche might label you a fashion blogger, a food blogger, a mommy blogger, a fiction blogger, a review of books blogger, a lifestyle blogger, an I have coupons and giveaways galore along with lots of irritating flashy flashing things on my blog blogger

I’m not really any of these – am I now?

Certainly I’ve given you my opinions on fashion before. {Summed up rather neatly I think by Gilda Rader:  My fashion sense is based upon what doesn’t itch.

I also think dressing like Helena Bonham Carter is a good idea. She seems awfully interesting, don’t you think?}

And being a person who eats I have some recipes on my blog. Though none with fifty-seven photos documenting the process, and nothing requiring fondant (a substance of which I hold deep, unwavering suspicions).

I am a mom so naturally some of my posts do deal with kids, and homeschooling, and stuff like that. I’m a voracious reader so books will be mentioned, if not minutely reviewed. And I am a Writer/Author so naturally you’ll find some fiction excerpts and such showing up on a fairly regular basis.

Also mentions of my books. One must expect that from a writer. A lot of what we write (hopefully) at some point winds up in a book. Ya know, those things some people use for doorstops and to crack open walnuts…

{What I am not is a coupon/giveaway blogger. Honestly I just don’t get them – where do they find all those coupons?  Why? Don’t those flashing plugins give them a headache?

Answers to this dilemma have I none.}

This leaves Lifestyle Blogger, which I must admit has a nice ring. Lifestyle is rather a high falutin’ word, don’t you think? One imagines a toffee nosed git saying “Ah yes. Really doesn’t suit my life style old man” or some such.

Lifestyle denotes a tidy house where everything matches (or eclectically/purposely doesn’t), where every meal is an event, every holiday is celebrated, we are all a size 0, our nails and hair salon quality, our children all above average, we play sport exceptionally well, our physiques amazingly physiqued, our tans neither too dark, too pale, or too orange, and nothing suspicious is ever found in our refrigerator.

{Thus we never find ourselves gazing with fascinated horror at a green glob and asking “What is it?”}

Actually, Lifestyle blogging is Pinterest Come To Life.

Isn’t that a terrifying thought?

Thus my Niche (such a nice, cozy sorta word before all this blog nonsense happened to it), is fated to be Eclectic.

Because I am.

And honestly that’s all I have to say about that.

What’s your Niche?

I won’t tell. Cross my weird eclectic little heart.


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