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Culinary Catastrophes


 {Dubious}LifeStyle Blogger ingredient:  Cooking (aka Illusions of Culinary Grandeur).}


Practically everyone, especially Lifestyle Bloggers, at some point in their lives have the insane notion they Should Write A Cookbook.

If such a notion occurs to you stop thinking immediately and do something else. Going to sleep is an idea. Or watch a reality show. And yes I know those two are practically the same thing but let’s move on shall we.

I have met many many people over the years who imagine they are Great Cooks.

Practically Chefs (just missing the poufy hat and paycheck).

These people remain convinced, no matter how much evidence arises to prove the contrary, they are among the Most Gifted of Culinary Artists and you should be entirely thankful they have deemed it proper to invite you to dinner and inflict bestow splendid tidbits of their Art upon you.

The fact such people should be forced to exist upon frozen burritos and canned sardines the rest of their lives because their taste buds are obviously dead anyway is beside the point.

The point is this:  I am not one of those people.

I am a {Dubious}Lifestyle Blogger. With the “{Dubious}” making all the difference.

So naturally I am writing a cookbook and my dears it is absolutely, beyond words, exquisitely fabulous!!!

No seriously (it totally deserves those three exclamation marks).

Here is the (so far) title:

Obnoxiously Delicious Recipes

{only it isn't in that font.}

And here is the photo which adorns the cover:

  Indo ch soup

{Except it looks a bit different on the book.

Obviously we haven't gotten as far as finishing the cover design just yet.}

But it still promises to be the most sublime cookbook written by a {Dubious}Lifestyle Blogger ever.

Or it could be a complete and utter disaster. Who knows?

At any rate it will not be just a cookbook – it will be a {Dubious}Cookbook filled with much more than mere recipes. It will also contain witticisms, tales of real life drama and humor, and other such {D}LSB stuff.


Entirely and refreshingly different from all those run of the mill, sumptuous, oversized, crammed with professionally taken and edited photos (fifty-seven simply to show you how to cream butter and sugar alone) cookbooks crowding the bookstores this very minute!

{No – don’t rush out or over to Amazon for one of those. Wait for mine!

Good grief.}

Its publication date will be announced soon.

Do feel free to share your excitement in the comments below!

{Nauseating girlish squeal.

Not really. I don’t do that.



And yes Virginia there shall be a post tomorrow.

It’s on Décor. Uh huh. Be Afraid.


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