A Grrrr Tale



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Originally I began this with the words a sad story. And then I erased them (backspacing all the way).

Realizing this isn’t a sad story, not really. It’s a trifle. An irritant. A flub up which in the big picture doesn’t mean the tiniest thing.

The thing is, I had my A-Z April posts all set. About half were written and the rest planned and outlined. And then something happened (I’m still not certain just what) and now they are gone. Gone just like that and try as I might (and did) I cannot get them back.

This is {Dis}Heartening.

I happened as I sat at my desk, attempting to write and accomplish other homeschooling related projects when I should have been sitting in my comfy chair watching something nice on tv or reading, or a bit of both.

Because I’ve had the chest cold from hell this past week you see. Over a full week actually, and the thing still shows no signs of relenting.

(It’s a relentless thing this cold).

I wasn’t myself, I was on cold meds (horrid syrupy stuff which somehow makes the usually agreeable flavors of licorice and whiskey entirely nasty).

Somehow my hands slipped upon the keyboard, mysteriously hitting one of those mysterious keyboard controls I’ve no idea how to turn off, and voile – the entire page was empty. I tried to back up (as I have in the past when such horrors occurred) but to no avail.  (Did I mention how all very mysterious it was?)

The deed was done and there sat I,

utterly A-Z-less. 

And disheartened. I pulled myself out of my desk chair, into my smushy chair, switched on Call The Midwife, and fixed myself another cuppa.

I haven’t even looked at my A-Z posts since then. I couldn’t find it in myself to begin again; the task seemed too daunting. Until today.

When I wrote this, and a few other things which we’ll be getting to shortly.

I shall rise like a phoenix (more or less) from the ashes.

I will A-Z once again!

Because that’s the way we {Dubious}LifeStyle Bloggers rock.

And roll.



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