{Dubious}LifeStyleBlogger ingredients:  all of 'em.


For some time I’ve been using a program I call The Seven Realms to organize, self actualize, and document my life.

I’m a self documenter from way back. Back in that long past era when people were forced to write things down with paper, pen, and pencil. When such a thing as typewriters existed, (I must have a photo somewhere),

both electric and (ginormous gasp from audience), the kind which didn’t require electricity.

Yup -  I’ve been self documenting since the dawn of time and perhaps even before.

But back to this Seven Realms program. The Realms are:




Family & Home Culture




It’s explained a bit more here; I’m compiling more and more blog posts and other writings about it continuously.

{Naturally there’s a book in the works. Isn’t there always?}

And every week I print out my week’s worksheet (simply a list of the Realms with spaces to write in that week’s goals), fill that baby in as best I can, and continue on.

Now, if I were a normal rather than a {Dubious}LifeStyleBlogger at this point I would proceed to tell you how to live your life to the fullest, fulfill all your dreams, follow these five easy steps to become spiritually attuned, have the bestest, closest, most organized family ever, gain twenty IQ points while losing thirty pounds, write a best seller, and become rich and famous with a wide circle of devoted true friends.

But I am a {Dubious}LifeStyleBlogger so that ain’t happening.

Instead I’m going to tell you the truth.

Which is…

the Physical Realm has been confounding me of late. My back has a vertebra which will stick out in the wrong place (only when I bend forward. Obviously meaning I was not born to bow); causing all sorts of misery and mayhem. This, as you can probably imagine, makes it difficult to exercise properly. Though I was doing pretty good with my fascinating treadmill phenomena #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth until I caught the Chest Cold From Hell.

So I’ve spent the last two or so weeks coughing and hacking and enduring the Worst Headache Ever (it’s notarized). And not running. Which stinks.

To continue…

The Intellectual, Creative, and Spiritual are the Realms I naturally enjoy and manage to get those goals marked off. {Funny how that works isn’t it?}

The Financial I choose to ignore. ‘Nuf said.

Fellowship is difficult since I require a lot of alone time in order to Be Creative.

I love Family & Home Culture though it is difficult to be alone (attempting to Be Creative) in a household of seven people, four dogs, and various birds/poultry.

Plus my cell phone seems to ring a lot.

All of these dilemmas combine on a weekly basis just to give me trouble.

Or to challenge me, whichever you prefer.

My plan? To keep Thinking Hard and develop an easy Twelve Step Program To Fulfill The Seven Realms.

Or maybe a Twenty Step Program.

Or Fifty.

I’m feelin’ kinda Dubious about the exact number of steps right now.

Though I expect to get my stuff together in the Near Future.

{My very favorite date.}


IOSW near future

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