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This is the title of a new, soon to be released book.

Yes written by Me.

{Never woulda guessed that would ya?}

It includes several heartwarming tales such as this one: 



{Ok - this particular tale isn't exactly heartwarming.....

But some of the others in Mystery & Mayhem are.

Sort of...}


You see, we {Dubious}LifeStyleBloggers are always publishing books.

It's just something we do. Like spray painting everything we can get out hands on white or cream, making homemade apple butter, homeschoolng our kids, and workng out every dang day in order to stay our size 3 self.


And if a a buncha dozen of you actually purchase this soon to be released book, why I'll be a hundredaire in no time!

Just imagine that - a hundredaire. Funds like that could keep me in spray paint for at least a week or so.

And a {Dubious}LifeStyleBlogger worth her salt should always have at least a week's worth of spray paint on hand.

Don't ya think?

IOSW DLSB spray paint

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